Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Kobe in The Clutch

The site Bill Simmons (ESPN) referred to is this one:


Interesting, but it includes 04-07. And we all know the things Kobe tried to do in those years, especially at the end of games. Also, those stats don't account for the TS%, because some people may be taking more 3's than others, and some might be driving more often.

Simmons conveniently uses the 25% stat on game-winning shots for his clutch shooting....but we all know that it completely depends on what guidelines you are using. The reason why people pick Kobe is that he is the best in the game at creating his own shot and getting ridiculous shots off with a decent chance of making them, which is sometimes what you need with only a few ticks on the clock.

Also doesn't this: http://www.82games.com/0809/CSORT11.HTM

prove Simmons is just being selective? He's 45.7% in the clutch (last five minutes of a game) in a more broad, applicable definition, which is close to his regular shooting % anyway. When you account for some of the ridiculous heaves he makes, the percentage goes way up.

A further Kobe clutch exploration:

Right at the top of +/- with LBJ:


And he's 92% in the clutch from FT's and 40% from 3's. That 92% is ridiculous as the only relevant players ahead of him (stars that take more than a couple) are Nash and Allen, two of the best free throw shooters this game has seen.

(this site defines clutch as last 5 minutes of game, neither team ahead by 5 points).

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